Plan better.

Produce better.

Deliver better.

Your expert for process optimization and MES

GRP refines manufacturing processes in inudstry

With GRP’s holistic process-oriented industrial solution, you control and plan your production reliably and accurately.

Many customers particularly appreciate the increased transparency in production and the expertise of the GRP contact persons.

What industry are you from?

Plastics processing

The requirements in plastics processing are as diverse as the product range.


Timely delivery of the correct quantity of product in the required sequence.

Mechanical Engineering

For economical order planning and organization, plant, machine and tool manufacturers have to consider many factors.

Other industries

Only when all the individual parts fit does a perfect picture emerge.

We are tetys

From 01.01.2021 GRP and FLS will become tetys.

The software packages “Fekor” from FLS for detailed planning and control of production and “GRP-MES” from GRP for shop floor data collection and all related processes have been used in parallel by several users for a long time.

Since all operations on the shop floor level are closely interrelated, FLS and GRP have now merged both packages into one unit.


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Vom Relaiskontakt zur Smartphone App

Vom Relaiskontakt zur Smartphone-App

Wie aus einem einfachen Betriebsdaten-Erfassungssystem ein umfassendes Produktionsleitsystem wurdeMit der MES-Lösung von GRP hat die Geberit Produktions AG Abläufe optimiert und die Produktionskapazität deutlich erhöht. Ausgangspunkt war eine einfache Betriebsdatenerfassung an einzelnen Maschinen, heute wird an mehreren Standorten die gesamte Produktion mit Modulen von GRP gesteuert. Im Laufe der Zeit ist ein System entstanden, das über den Funktionsumfang üblicher MES-Systeme deutlich hinausgeht

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How GRP makes you successful:

  • You increase the capacity utilization of your machines.
  • You gain complete transparency over your processes.
  • You install today and already have access to all data tomorrow.
  • You increase the motivation of your employees.
  • You reduce your production costs sustainably.
  • They recognize sources of error at an early stage and eliminate them immediately.
  • You manage only one system and reduce your administration efforts.
  • You can be audited at any time, as all evaluations are available to you.
  • You get one of the world’s most advanced MES systems.

Take the next step and optimize your production.


Sport, Fun and Team Spirit – The Dragon Boat Race 2019

June 2019 Already for the fifth time the FLS paddled together…

B2Run Run Aachen 2019 – Run away from the rain!

Also in this year a team of the companies FLS and GRP participated…

We have advantages: Customers receive binding deadlines and we deliver what we promise.

We are informed and know what is going on. What, when and how – we can provide information about the production of plastic parts at any time. We decide and take action. Production key figures and data are the basis for continuous improvement processes.

The PDA system is established in production, production planning and management. With the exemplary innovation of GRP, we will continue to have an advanced PDA system in the future.

  • Bruno Bachmann, Georg Fischer Rohrleitungssystem AG