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“Open the door and it happens!” – The Aachen Clinic Clowns bring soap bubbles, magic and happiness into everyday hospital life.

“Laughter is healthy” – GRP donates for the Aachen clinic clowns
Donation handover in the Aachen Clinic with the Klinik-Clowns Aachen

Every child knows this saying and the clinic clowns in Aachen make it their business to put a smile on the faces of children and senior citizens. Because laughter has positive effects on the general state of health and promotes healing processes. Humour in hospitals and nursing homes is therefore a sensible complement to medicine.
The clinic clowns visit the children’s wards of Aachen University Hospital twice a week. With funny games and great costumes, the clinic clowns take the burden off the shoulders of the children and their relatives for a short time and restore their joy of life. They also visit the Haus Cadenbach senior citizens’ home twice a month and work carefully with senior citizens and people suffering from dementia. According to clown Frida, there is no routine and no plan: “Open the door and then it happens”. That’s exactly how we got to know the Klink-clowns today and enjoyed their soap bubbles, jokes and music.

The great commitment of the clinic clowns is possible thanks to the financial support of the Hirschhausen Foundation “Humor Hilft Heilen”, the association “Freunde und Förderer des Luisenhospitals e.V.” and donations. That is why we at FLS are happy to support this project. “The clinic clowns do an excellent job. We ourselves were able to experience them today and laughed heartily. It is a pleasure for us to support them and to do good again. As a family business, such a campaign is a matter close to our hearts,” GRP authorized signatory Janina Keuters said.
The GRP GmbH & Co. KG is pleased that its donation will enable the clinic clowns to continue to perform.

Further information about the association, as well as the possibility for a donation, can be found here:

Clown Schlonzo, GRP- authorized signatory Janina Keuters and Clown Frida
Klinik-Clowns Aachen


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