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The production planning of FLS under one roof with GRP

Wednesday, November 23rd 2016

Enjoying the success of the company succession: Dr. Hanns Jürgen Hüttner, Janina Keuters and Manfred Keuters (from left)

Many entrepreneurs have to deal with the topic of the company succession. Then one day the time comes when you have to say goodbye and this is often a challenge. Dr. Hanns Jürgen Hüttner also dealt with the situation for a long time. In 1979, he founded the company FLS ProduktionsLeitSysteme in Aachen. Since then, FLS has successfully established itself as an expert in production planning and control. Today, well over 37 years later, he can look into a successful future for the company – the neighbouring and friendly company GRP GmbH & Co. KG has now taken over the production planning system FEKOR created by the FLS. “I am glad that we can look together into a joint the future” says Hüttner.

The GRP specializes in data collection (BDE), MES and full process management in the manufacturing industry. The products of the companies GRP and FLS complement one another in an excellent way. “My father, Manfred Keuters, took over the GRP in 2010 – at that time the companies GRP and FLS had already been working together for more than 25 years. There existed community interfaces and the collaboration brought together a number of joint customers,” says Janina Keuters. In the future, she will act as Managing Director of FLS, while Manfred Keuters remains the Managing Director of GRP. “Of course, we are going hand in hand with both companies and will continue to do so accompanied by Dr. Hanns Jürgen Hüttner – we are very pleased that he is a senior management consultant for a while, “emphasize both of the two Keuters.
The merger of the two companies strengthens the expertise of the entire business group. The FLS and GRP systems will increasingly be a joint industrial platform. The brands FLS FertigungsLeitSysteme and FEKOR will remain unchanged and will be continued in the separate company FLS GmbH & Co. KG. Contracts, contacts and employees will remain, “we will continue to be the reliable service provider for our customers,” is the motto of the trio.

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