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How GRP conveys knowledge to you

As individual as our fingerprints and DNA, as individual are the manufacturing processes in production. Therefore, the probability is very high that you waste your untapped potential.
GRP has recognized this fact. Therefore we analyze your current processes in a joint GRP workshop and identify your optimization potential. You will receive tips and tricks on how to increase your efficiency and reduce your costs in the long term. In addition, you will learn how easy it is to increase your transparency across the entire shop floor.
At the end of the workshop you will be able to recognize and exploit your unused potential. Savings of at least 10% are only the beginning.

Local workshops can be ordered for one or more days. The GRP staff then carry out training sessions on the spot with your employees on the software module you have commissioned.

The training will be tailored to your needs. In advance, we identify the essential requirements with you. At the beginning of the training the general functionalities of the software module are presented and the more specific questions answered. Different user groups (for example operator, MES manager, production manager, etc.) can receive separate instructions into the software module as desired.

Your advantage is that we can show you how your GRP system works and you can use the insights directly to improve your workflow.

In addition to on-site workshops, we also offer you the possibility to conduct online training courses. The essential training topics will be discussed with you in advance and you will have the content conveyed via a remote connection. You can choose whether the training is to be performed on a demo system or on your productive system.

Your advantage is that you can shape the training flexible, picking the durations that best suit you since there is no travelling by a GRP employee required.

Your advantages

  • You work with the most innovative MES of the future.
  • You manage all evaluations and master data in one place.
  • You have control of your entire production line in a single system.

That's what customers say about us

“The new, easy-to-use, multi-language web interface for our production areas has greatly increased the acceptance of a PDA system among our employees.
Through the collected data, transparency and comparability in production – across several departments and plants – were created.”

Torsten Piorr-Marx,

MöllerTech International GmbH

Optimize production optimization!

Would you like to learn more or register for our GRP workshop? Then we look forward to your mail or your call! You can also contact us using the contact form.


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