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Production planning - safe and flexible

The eye of management is always focused on figures, data and facts. However, we always recommend to have a look at the people, as they create added value.
This requires the right decision-making facilities at the right time at the right place with the right stakeholders. A reliable and detailed production planning provides a good basis.

“As managers, we must learn to be what we really are: No commanders nor controllers, but catalysts and caretakers of a self-organizing system in an evolving environment” (Dr. Fredmund Malik)

With GRP you gain precisely this security. Always decide with the correct information in mind on a familiar and universally accepted data basis. Over long-term analyses, many decisions can also be substantially reinforced and you become a “catalyst” in your company.

All production information is available at all times for all the desired management requirements. The correct master data paired with the process information is provided in reports at any time. There are no reports that are not feasible.

Superordinate PPS systems are not able to precisely plan production orders with the engineering requirements, due to their strongly commercial character. The problems, e.g. inaccurate scheduling, lacking consideration of the current situation in production, lack of updating of the order processing times for production changes and machine failures and the lack of consideration of the special features in logistics chains are known.

The GRP planning board, which – integrated into the GRP system – supports the dispatchers in all planning activities.
In principle, all planning scenarios up to complex parallel running multi-stage planning are covered by the system.

Your advantages

  • You work with the most innovative MES of the future.
  • You manage all evaluations and master data in one place.
  • You have control of your entire production line in a single system.

That's what customers say about us

“The use of the GRP software enables us to schedule and monitor the current production orders on the basis of very flexibly configurable capacity specifications, on both the machine and the personnel side, as well as to monitor them at the same time.”

Stefan Schelte,

OBO Bettermann GmbH & Co. KG

Be informed about all channels at any time!

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