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Manufacturing Execution System (MES) –
Refine your manufacturing processes!


The process engineer is the key to value creation.


The process engineer is the center for reports & analyses.


Interconnectivity across planning, production, logistics and supply chain management.

Manufacturing Execution System of the next generation

Once you collected data from machines (MDE) at a central point – today, after 40 years of further development, we have a well-defined and production-supporting tool – the GRP Manufacturing Execution System of the future.

Just as today no car manages without electronic components, the control of manufacturing companies without a MES system is hardly feasible. Due to the extensive use of a MES systems, the production becomes a predictable quantity, which brings fewer and fewer surprises in the daily business. The classic management questions can be answered by the employees with high precision and sustainable security. Complete documentation and compliance with standards or guidelines such as high safety-related components are the norm.

Errors or weaknesses in the production processes are detected at an early stage and can thus be minimized. Seasonal business, capacity planning and personnel deployment are continually being optimized – with the result of a significant increase in efficiency.

All production resources are connected to the central MES system. Through the interactive communication of all processes, the continuous monitoring, evaluation of the actual situation and prediction of possible scenarios are carried out. The entire production process thus becomes the measure of all things to which there are always validated statements and predictions.

To meet all requirements in the manufacturing industry, the GRP system has been specifically developed to reflect its full range of functions.
GRP provides an integrated solution for cutting, welding, laser, forming, assembly, injection molding and extrusion. This solution incorporates upstream and downstream operating areas such as tooling, maintenance, care, material processing, assembly, packaging, storage, fabrication shop or paint shop. The interface with higher-level PPS systems and the integration of quality assurance systems and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) are solved reliably.
Due to the various requirements placed on such a system, particular emphasis is placed on clarity and user friendliness. The operation of the system can be divided into different sub-areas, which can be introduced step by step into the practice, starting from a basic module – an approach we would recommend.

The support of “Lean Production”, KANBAN or other approaches to production and fine planning as well as optimization is fully guaranteed. Logistics chains can be mapped, monitored and controlled right up to just-in-sequence.
The specific regulatory and ISO requirements (for example, automotive, beauty, health care) are implemented in detail for the manufacturing processes.

Your benefit

  • You work with the most innovative MES of the future.
  • You manage all evaluations and master data in one place.
  • You control your entire shop-floor in one single system.

What customers say about us

“The new, easy-to-use, multi-lingual web interface for our production areas has greatly increased the acceptance of a MES system among our employees.
Through the collected data, transparency and comparability in production – across several departments and plants – were created. “

Torsten Piorr-Marx,

MöllerTech International GmbH

With calculable sizes for more precision and safety!

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