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Improve your production processes with GRP

Global challenges require global solutions. The GRP system creates transparency beyond the borders of individual countries and various plants. This way, you get an overview of the current situation at any time and are always informed about all operations as well as activities. In addition, you can overlook the entire shop floor and are able to integrate all processes into one system.

A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is a software system that records and exploits the production variables. Wikipedia explains:

Manufacturing execution systems (MES) are computerized systems used in manufacturing. The MES distinguishes itself against similarly effective systems for production planning, the so-called ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning), by direct connection to the distributed systems of the process automation and allows the guidance, steering, control or control of the production in real time. MES track and document the transformation of raw materials through finished goods and can provide the right information at the right time.

With the help of an MES system, you are able to optimize your processes. This increases your efficiency, transparency, control and security.

How GRP generates success for you:

  • You shape your own future.
  • You always make a secure decision on a consolidated basis.
  • You compare and simulate at all times.
  • You generate custom-fit reports and evaluations.

Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Just as today no car without electronic components manages, the control of manufacturing companies without a MES system is hardly feasible. By means of the widespread use of a MES system, production becomes predictable and projectable.
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Process optimization

With the GRP-MES system the process steps are transparent and can be evaluated at any time. Process changes can be detected quickly. Changes made are reflected in the reality of the implemented consequences. The optimization result is quickly visible through the before / after comparison. Read more.

Production management

GRP visualizes all the important production parameters for your company. With a centralized combination of production-relevant data, you always have optimum control over working and machine times as well as order progress. Read more.

Quality management

With GRP you have a solution for the entire range of quality management and process optimization in your company. We accompany you from the analysis of the initial situation to the introduction of an integrated management system. Read more.


The workforce management offers the possibility to schedule personnel to machines, taking into account all the constraints, such as vacations, absences and so forth.
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As individual as our fingerprints and DNA as different are the manufacturing processes in production. Therefore, the probability is very high that you’re wasting untapped potential.
GRP has recognized this fact.
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GRP has an intuitive user interface and offers outstanding support!

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