Yeah, is it Christmas again?

How to relax the holidays after all

Every year comes the feast of love and contemplation faster than one would love. Santa Claus is knocking on the door just as you are on your summer holiday.

It is not only in private life that good planning is needed to get all the presents under the tree in time. Many industries are affected by the seasonal business and a high annual peak before Christmas. A timely planning of the production capacities is necessary, in order to equalize early bottlenecks.

With the automatic seasonal adjustment in FEKOR, production runs smoothly even at peak times and orders are placed in good time with your customers “under the tree”.

Are your products subject to durability? This is also no problem with FEKOR. Durability is taken into account when production is brought forward.

We, the FLS team, wish you and your loved ones happy holidays and satisfied customers, who are looking forward to coming back in the new year!

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