Founders Award NRW 2018 – We belong to the best!

A few weeks ago, when the nomination for the NRW 2018 Founder’s Prize fluttered into the house, we were all completely over the moon! We had prevailed against 120 competitors and made it into the Top 10! This was accompanied by the chance to win one of the coveted prizes at this year’s awards ceremony on 19 November 2018.

In icy cold we arrived at the impressive location of the K21 Ständehaus in Düsseldorf, which literally presented itself in the best light – through coloured light spots. This wonderful scenery gave the evening a worthy setting! On site a personal presentation area awaited us, where we could show our production software and answer questions during the evening. We quickly got in touch with other nominees, but also with the press, politicians and other interested parties. Many interesting companies and personalities were on site, so that the conversations were more than exciting.

The official part of the event started with a presentation of all 10 nominees from different fields. From grass paper, to welding robots, screw dealers, care brokers, to school digitization, the field was broadly diversified. We were especially pleased to see for the first time the information spot about the FLS that a camera team had recorded with us in the past weeks.

After a short round of questions, during which our nominated Managing Director Janina Keuters also had to answer, the 10 were honoured with their nomination certificate by the Minister of Economics and Digital Affairs, Prof. Dr. Andreas Pinkwart, and the Chairman of the Managing Board of NRW.BANK, Eckhard Forst. The three winners were then announced. These were unveiled by the winners of the previous year in a laudation. This special way of proclaiming the winners provided a few wonderful moments. Afterwards, the evening ended with a flying buffet with many entertaining and interesting conversations.

We are very pleased to have made it into the Top 10 of the 7th Founders Award NRW and thank you for this award and recognition of our work.