FLS News – Turnaround in production planning!

Top issues: Cleaning times in production +++ Checklist production planning software +++ Goodbye Excel planning +++ Survey: Which tools do you use for production planning?

Dear Readers,

everywhere you hear keywords like industry 4.0, 3-D printing and the “Internet of Things”. What does it really mean? It’s about constantly improving your production and ensuring that your business remains competitive.

Check your production! Where can you optimize? Think, for example, of the time when machines are at a standstill, retooled or availability checks are carried out.

Production planning is under scrutiny.

Perhaps in the past, planning with Excel or the ERP system was enough for you. However, the trend is that companies are looking for a solution that is easy to implement, integrates into the existing IT landscape and is not cost-intensive.

Today’s newsletter is intended to give you some initial ideas for thinking into the future.

Your FLS Team