FLS is one of the Top100 innovation leaders 2018

Aachen-based company is honoured by Ranga Yogeshwar at the Mittelstands Summit as one of the most innovative companies of the German Mittelstand.

The FLS GmbH & Co. KG will be awarded the TOP 100 seal for the first time this year. Since 1979, the medium-sized company from Aachen has been developing IT systems that help its customers from the mechanical engineering, automotive and plastics sectors with production planning.

“The flat hierarchies and the informal atmosphere increase the scope of the individual and place initiative and team spirit in the foreground,” says Managing Director Janina Keuters, who has headed the company since October 2016. For her it is clear: A good climate for innovation is a central building block for FLS’s success. For this reason, Keuters has created an electronic ticket system. If an employee has an idea, he can send it directly to the management and involved colleagues via ticket. The ticket system also facilitates the documentation of various innovation projects.

The top innovator also works closely with his customers. Pilot customers from different industries support FLS in the development of new products and services. “We have many customers who have been working with our production planning systems for more than 20 years,” explains Keuters – a valuable wealth of experience that the company uses to permanently further develop its systems.

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