Company holidays – stress-free production before the break

Your company holiday is just around the corner and production is upside down as the promised delivery dates become tight?

Employees are often driven to the edge of their strength before a company holiday – just like at seasonal peaks. The accepted orders must be completed on time, otherwise they can only be delivered weeks later and the customers would be dissatisfied. Your employees need more time to “arrive on holiday” after such an extreme phase of tension and thus have a shorter recovery period. It is therefore important not to overburden them before and after the holiday in order to see committed employees after the company holiday, whose recovery does not diminish again on the first day.

To ensure that overtime, night shifts and tired employees do not determine the daily routine of your production, a forward-looking production planning is required. During company holidays, it is known in advance when the plant will be closed. This means that production can be planned in advance to avoid unnecessary overloads.

Read here how the MES system FEKOR helps you to equalize your holiday or seasonal production. With its automatic seasonal adjustment, the planning system ensures that pre-production takes place in good time. Production runs smoothly. Delivery dates are met. Your customers are satisfied.

And above all, you and your employees will come back from their holidays relaxed!