annual review

There are 51 new weeks ahead of us, packed with ideas, developments and surprises. In view of these new challenges, we would like to look back once again on the successful year 2017. The year began excitingly with the bundling of the forces of the newly merged traditional companies GRP and FLS. The two companies have been working together as partners for 38 years – since January 2017 we have been growing into a team under one roof. The resulting momentum resulted in several launches and innovations at both companies. Although – or because – we are traditional companies, GRP and FLS continued to focus on pioneering work in 2017. And as befits pioneers, the development teams work tirelessly on safe and convenient ways to optimize your manufacturing

Industry Focus 4.0

Industry 4.0 has become a term that should be familiar to everyone. But as well known as it is, as different are its definitions. Many companies therefore do not even know what added value this abstract term should have for them. At our Ins-Schwarze-Treffen event in Boppard in September, we were able to answer this question in more detail and again demonstrate the added value for the manufacturing industry using concrete examples from industry and research. In addition, of course, we also took part in sporting activities and lived up to the name of the event and hit the bull’s eye. We are already looking forward to the next round in spring 2018.

Focus on users

We have developed and released many updates, enhancements and new features over the last year. We are especially proud of the hard work of our developers, who laid the first important building blocks for our web applications. For example, we are working on a conversion from the previous Windows-based masks to web masks. This will be the pace for the coming months and years and will put us and our customers in a good position for the future.

FLS worldwide

Last year, too, we convinced our customers with our close cooperation, because this is how we provide our customers with tailor-made solutions. We develop the applications and extensions that suit your company. This sometimes results in solutions from which others can also benefit. This close customer relationship also often leads us to visit the respective plants. This year we were able to visit customers all over Germany and Austria, Hungary, Italy, France, Portugal and Switzerland and convince ourselves of the success of the system. For the year 2018 we would like to continue to position ourselves internationally and are particularly pleased to be able to welcome a new customer in the USA right at the start of the new year.

While we are now stowing away the last Christmas tree baubles well and leaving the old year far behind, we are eagerly rushing into the year 2018 and working hard on new software solutions!