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Plastics processing –
Get the guarantee of a large variety of items with
shorter product life cycles ans smaller lot sizes.


Dare a look ahead through comprehensive research.


Completely traceable from the order to the sensor.


Process parameters of machines and sensors, the consistent safety.

Flexibility in plastic processing

The requirements in plastic processing are as diverse as the product range. In this respect, planning, control, logistics and production are a major challenge. GRP has developed a competent solution that provides you with high transparency at all times regarding resources, deadlines, customer and quality requirements. In addition, the system helps you comply with policies and laws – one of many ways to show your customers that you are a strong and reliable partner.

The company GRP provides a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software solution to analyze and optimize processes in the field of injection molding. The individual processes in the GRP Manufacturing Execution System are mapped and optimized.

Production processes in plastics processing are becoming ever more complex due to the high demands on product quality and at the same time constantly increasing innovation pressure. This results in more complex molding structures or increased system integrations.

At the same time, both the complexity of the production processes and the requirements for the causes, sensor production can be used. However, the resulting high data volume must be recorded and managed. The increasing system integration means that production processes can no longer be viewed individually. Since whole production chains influence the quality of a product, the production chain must be viewed holistically.

Using the holistic approach of GRP, you are able to process and evaluate the largest amounts of data and evaluate them at any point in time. At the same time, the system ensures that the focus is on the individual processes at all times.

Customer situation: Injection molding; increasing production utilization with smaller batch sizes. The planning of the orders with Excel lists is no longer reliable. Added to this are the increasing requirements in the accompanying documentation of quality criteria.

Problem: “just-in-time” reporting and documentation of all manufacturing departments with the focus of the complete coverage of all processes in the production.


  • Quantity count on all machines / plants
  • Calculation of sweep scrap depending on machine / tool and order
  • Recording of all downtimes on all machines / systems
  • Recording of all scrap parts on all machines / plants
  • Confirmation of the order data to SAP after release of the layers
  • Real-time reporting of machines and plant areas
  • Full traceability of the process data
  • Shift reports for management
  • Bottleneck analysis on personnel, materials and tools
  • BOM resolution with automatic scheduling


  • Use of GRP total system including PEP, CAQ, and TPM
  • Master Data Import
  • Process workshops for the implementation
  • Application of customer-specific process requirements
  • User trainings for operation, administration and reporting


  • Running system
  • Easy administration of the respective processes by customers
  • Daily planning of the orders in the GRP system
  • Confirmation of all relevant order data to SAP
  • Automatic generation of quality reports
  • Daily automated reporting to management
  • Theme-oriented workshops to elaborate process improvement with the use of long-standing GRP experiences and know-how.

Consistent consideration of quality and efficiency

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