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Regardless of which industry you come, when it comes to manufacturing organizations we will always find the best solution. GRP operates on a process view. Hence, the individual processes within each manufacturing firm play the major role when it comes to increasing transparency while decreasing costs.

Competent forecasting of processes at a timely delivery

Weight savings without functional losses, new application areas often combined with other materials, reliability / quality of delivered raw materials and semi-finished parts, or well-planned changes to the production lines must always be kept under control by the production managers. There is no longer the central responsibility for all processes.
Only the interplay of all participants, as in a well-established orchestra, brings the desired result.
This is reflected in internal meetings for production. The efficiency of meetings based on numbers, data and facts, reflects the success of the production.

You will benefit from increased transparency and efficiency through an integrated and innovative system solution.

Permanent consideration of quality, efficiency and costs

The constant comparison with Asian competitors, in which a similar quality is to be found as much as in the case of national products, requires a rethink. It is important to focus on the regional strengths of the industry. These serve the market with customer requirements with a pronounced delivery reliability.

The necessary influencing variables can be determined very precisely in the overall consideration of the production taking into account all frame parameters. The better ecological balance in the operation of local markets has so far hardly been taken into account, but it is becoming increasingly important in the future.
Emissions, energy and raw materials used (including reuse) are comparative aspects and therefore challenges which are crucial for the procurement process.

GRP helps you expand your strengths and develop your potential.

Prompt delivery of environmentally friendly and non-allergenic products

The challenges are very diverse, depending on the application. In particular, the application areas ‘away from home’ and ‘in-home’, are to be differentiated.
For both, the timely delivery of environmentally compatible and non-allergenic products applies. However, there is always an incalculable size for the processing of natural products included.

Fast response to market requirements requires flexibility, a reliable order processing makes optimized production and perfect logistics indispensable. For the compliance with environmental regulations appropriate requirements are required.
GRP provides the prerequisite for reliable and permanent control of manufacturing processes, which include all the parameters required in your industry.

Only if consumers can customize their products delivered at a satisfactory level, the permanent business operation is ensured.

Deficits in individual components during the first years of use harm the entire brand

They are the products we use every day as a matter of course. As long as everything works as intended, everything is well.

Only if all parts fit and perform flawlessly in the market, is a perfect image created. This is how GRP works: Our industry solution combines your different customer-specific production and process steps and maps them in evaluations and process documentation for highly efficient organization and control. This means that you have all planned tasks in mind and can counteract unpredictable challenges such as a machine defect.

The full traceability of all raw materials and components ensures the long-term sustainable complaints handling and customer satisfaction.

Short innovation cycles and small batch sizes with the same quality requirement

Keeping the documentation process compliant and having the internal logistics transparent and predictable, are essential factors.

The Manufacturing Execution System (MES) of the GRP creates a perfect portrait of your production workflow right up to logistic processing, minimizes potential errors or problems of the plant / machine assignment and personnel planning, and offers you a value-creating daily business.

At any time, you can look at costs and utilization – this will quickly become normality, coupled with the satisfaction of your customers.

Short-term or seasonal influences lead to continuous monitoring and control

The raw materials have not yet been released in production because the ship has arrived late at the port, the traffic situation has led to delays or the products do not meet the quality requirements – now it is essential to respond quickly to the current situation: cooling circuits, other raw materials, the personnel situation and facilities are to be reassessed in the shortest possible time in consideration of all consequences. Furthermore durability, commodity logistics, working hours and overtime as well as maintenance and cleaning work have a decisive influence on the disposition.

Verifiable statements can only be made with reliable figures, data and facts on production. The efficiency reflects the success of the production and this must be predictable at all times.

Environmentally friendly packaging without any hygienic risks

In particular, products used in the food industry are in the focus. For this purpose, the high quality at calculable costs is crucial. Short transport distances from production to the customer are positive aspects of life cycle assessment, which are becoming increasingly important.
The core points of today’s industrial paper and cardboard production range from plant / machine utilization and qualified personnel use, through internal transport and external logistics monitoring, up to the observance of the legal environmental norms and energy management. Our holistic industrial solution GRP is your solution of a user-oriented support for the planning and control of your production processes.

With the help of the system, which you individually adapt to the requirements of your company, you keep an overview of all orders and internal processes at all times. In addition, deficits in the added value are predictable and thus can be remedied at an early stage.

With a view to sustainable decisions!

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