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Machine plant and tool menufacturing –
Make speedly offer calculations with binding delivery dates!


New business based on the present


Even the smallest activity stays in focus


Tests and measurements results determine the development / assembly process

Up-to-date evaluations of machine, plant and tool manufacturing for binding deadlines

There are many factors that must be considered for plant, machine and tool builders for economic order planning and organization.
Especially in the case of inquiries concerning new constructions where you cannot rely on a background of experience. The Manufacturing Execution System (MES) of GRP manages and indexes all parameters that you need for a realistic customer offer in the mechanical engineering sector: an optimal production control and a correct delivery time forecast.

Batch size 1 as well as being able to state the delivery date at the time the customer request are probably the most serious challenges in machine, plant and tool manufacturing.
The gut feeling of the long-term employees is an indispensable factor in the entire production environment.
These employees are indispensable and essential as their knowledge cannot be transferred as desired.
Even the best systems do not replace this ability.

It is the aim and purpose to support the ongoing processes by means of suitable tools and to make the findings available for future projects / assignments. The requirements for realistic simulation must also be covered, as otherwise no possible influencing variables can be considered.

Through a single master data management, the GRP system enables a central one access point for the exchange of information and experience. This ensures that new employees are also efficiently integrated.

Customer situation: Mechanical manufacturer with customer requests regarding already produced or similar machines / tools. Binding offers are quickly requested, which should include the delivery date for the finished machine / finished tool. The experienced employees are still able to cover these tasks, but there is a change of generations that requires knowledge transfer and generates additional challenges.

Problem: Undocumented estimation methods for preparing an offer with a large degree of gut feeling cannot be passed on to the next generation. The subsequent project monitoring of current orders also presents a challenge, which can only be solved with just-in-time tools.


  • The use of an experience system at the order level with fact-based quotation calculation at the push of a button
  • Recording of all downtimes
  • Recording of all processing stages with progress message
  • Introduction of shift reports
  • OEE Short and long-term evaluations of the plants / machines at the processing stations


  • Use of the complete GRP System
  • Master Data Import
  • Process workshops for the implementation
  • Application of customer-specific process requirements
  • User trainings for operation, administration and reporting


  • Running system
  • Easy administration of the individual, respective processes by customers
  • Customer specific projects concerning process optimization
  • Daily reporting
  • On-going progress monitoring with warning and intervention limits
  • Reporting of the improvement projects (before / after)
  • Ongoing costing at production level
  • Workshops to elaborate process improvements benefiting from GRP’s knowhow and experience

Constant consideration of quality, efficiency and costs

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