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GRP belongs to the TOP 100

Wednesday, June 29th 2016

Aachen-based company makes it into Germany’s innovation elite / awarded by TOP 100 mentor Ranga Yogeshwar

For the 23rd time the title TOP 100 will be awarded to the most innovative companies of the German middle class. This year, GRP GmbH & Co. KG belongs to this innovation elite. The Aachen-based company participated in a sophisticated scientific selection process. The innovative management and innovative success of the companies were examined. The mentor of the innovation competition, Ranga Yogeshwar, honours the top innovator within the framework of the German Mittelstands-Summit on 24th June in Essen.

GRP GmbH & Co. KG impressed with its innovative climate in the innovative competition TOP 100. Founded in 1979, the IT development and consulting company develops apps for controlling production processes via iPhone or Apple Watch. “In a knowledge-intensive industry such as IT, employees are the company’s most valuable asset and resource. Many innovations and further developments are initiated and implemented by them, “says CEO Manfred Keuters. The 40 employees are supported by the EDP: Each proposal, which is created as a ticket in the internal system and is automatically available to all the colleagues involved and to the top management, is always discussed in team meetings every Tuesday. Of the 150 improvement proposals that all employees have implemented so far, 80 percent have been realized. “Our culture of openness encourages employees to contribute new ideas,” emphasizes Manfred Keuters.

The family business from Aachen is active for numerous well-known international large corporations. The IT specialists constantly optimize existing offers, but also create completely new features. The top innovator relies on the “Innovative through teamwork” strategy. In order to ensure that the employees are not guided by the technical possibilities, but rather by the customer, the teams are interdisciplinary. Process engineers, front-end and back-end developers, as well as colleagues from the sales department, work together on large customer projects. Half of their working hours are used by the management itself for innovations and invests 15 days a year in their own training.

Over 4,000 companies were interested in participating in TOP 100 this year. 366 of them applied for the qualifying round. 284 came into the final round. 238 finally made the leap into the TOP 100 (maximum 100 in each of the three size classes). The companies were again evaluated by Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke and his team from the Chair for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. They used more than 100 parameters in five rating categories: “Innovative Promoting Top Management”, “Innovations climate”, “Innovative Processes and Organization”, “Innovation marketing / external orientation” and “innovation success”.

The TOP 100 are among the pioneers in their industries. This is confirmed by the figures of the evaluation: among the companies are 97 national market leaders and 32 world market leaders. On average, they earned 40% of their sales with new market innovations and product improvements, which they launched on the market before the competition. Their sales growth was 28 percentage points above the respective branch average. In the past three years, SMEs have registered 2,292 national and international patents. This innovative power also pays off in workplaces: the TOP 100 plan to hire some 9,500 new employees over the next three years. The mentor of TOP 100, science journalist and TV presenter, Ranga Yogeshwar, is impressed by the quality of the companies and hopes for a signal effect: “The way TOP 100 is generating new ideas and developing ground-breaking products and services in the truest sense of the word. I am therefore pleased that the award makes these qualities visible. Hopefully, their success will encourage other companies to do the same. This culture of innovation will become increasingly important for all companies in the future.”


Honoured by Ranga Yogeshwar on June 24, 2016 in the Theater Colosseum Essen. FFrom left to right: Ranga Yogeshwar, Janina Keuters, Manfred Keuters (Source: KD Busch/ compamedia)

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