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A little piece of Aachen underneath your tree

A classic board game with lots of local references.

Tuesday, 19.12.2017

Christmas is approaching in big steps, as next Sunday will not only burn the last candle on the Advent wreath, but it is also Christmas Eve. If you are still looking for the right gift for you, we can recommend the Stadtpunkt Aachen game. Whether you are a Ludo-player, a Monopoly expert or a Trivial Pursuit lover – you will get your money’s worth. The mix of classical games appeals to all game friends.

The manufacturer “Nowus Games!” from Hamburg, developed the quiz and knowledge game around the imperial city together with 20 companies from the Euregio.

Three answer options are given, one of of them is right. With a correct answer, the players collect points. The goal is to make as much as possible and reach the “city point” as often as possible. Locals as well as “New Aachener” get to know their home a little better in a playful way. The game also includes action cards and Did-you-know cards besides the quiz cards. Quiz cards are differentiated by one and two point cards, action cards for luck and skill.

The board game is printed with numerous views and pictures of the city of Aachen. In the little brochure all participating companies are introduced and it also “conceals” the answers to company questions at the same time.

As a company from Aachen it was a pleasure for us at the GRP to be a part of the game. We are happy to sponsor the Aachen Ponttor. The medieval city gate was the northernmost city gate to Aachen and it still greets everyone today, who drives from the north to the center of Aachen. Our company is only a few hundred meters away from it, which is why we sponsor exactly this Aachen landmark.
If you want to head out and buy the Aachen game is, it is available in the Mayersche bookstore or Aachen Tourist Service for 29.90 euros.


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